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BR Quick Change header & Muffler Free Shipping

Image of BR Quick Change header & Muffler Free Shipping

$89.99 - On Sale

(no gy6)
NEW full exhaust for the Honda Ruckus & Others!
Works on all years of 50cc Honda Ruckus!

Header is made in USA. TIG welded and uses a beefy bent tube with new thicker header flange.

COMPLETE exhaust ready to go for your RUCKUS, ZOOMER or METROPOLITAN.
WORKS with Skinny and most* FATTY wheels :) No header hanger included as it is not needed.
The muffler is a BriggsĀ  294599 muffler. Just screw it on and go. You can replace your muffler
by unscrewing it. Finally a AFFORDABLE muffler system for the Honda ruckus that works with
fatty setups! Tube is bent, meaning there will be areas where tube is a smaller diameter then others.
Still provides Massive air flow. The muffler and header have a taper to them, they are not designed
to thread all the way down on the muffler for ease of removal.

YES you get BOTH header and muffler.

Want to hear how it sounds?
Click the images for YOUTUBE videos


We are a small mom & pops establishment.
We appreciate your business.

FAST priority Shipping!

Please allow 3-5biz days processing.
*most: Due to the large wheel/tire combos i can not guarantee clearance on ALL tire/wheel combos.

*Mufflers come silver. You can use a $3 can of rustolium high temp paint to paint your muffler if you would like. Typically needs to be touched up every couple hundred miles due to it fading from the heat.